Who are you guys?

Muench Workshops was founded on the friendship and common love of photography shared by Marc Muench, Andy Williams, and David Rosenthal. We are passionate about photography and teaching and along with our pros we bring many decades of experience in shooting, printing, publishing, instructing and travel. We are really proud of the depth of experience we have. Drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you, and we answer every email we receive.

Photo Workshop vs. Photo Tour

We lead photo workshops—not photo tours, and there's a big difference! Expect to be immersed in photography every day with both group and individual instruction, and trust us: you can sleep in at home! Our workshops provide instruction and inspiration for composition, camera use, post-processing, and more. Many of our customers are repeats, some have been with us on over two dozen workshops! If you'd like to ever speak with some of them, just give us a shout, and we'll arrange a phone call.

Are you a real business?

Indeed we are. We're incorporated in the State of California, as Muench Workshops, LLC. Our address is 3992 Primavera Rd., Santa Barbara, California 93110. We always carry proper permits and insurance, and have the right field safety certification for our workshops. Our leaders are current with first aid training and certifications. We routinely handle large amounts of money and we've never disappointed a client, something we are very proud of. Our phone number is 917-854-8118.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We do offer refunds, with limitations. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information. We strongly suggest that you obtain some travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that require you to cancel your participation in a Muench Workshop.

Levels of Difficulty

All of our workshops require that you are able to carry all of your own camera gear in your backpack, and you should also be able to get your own luggage from our vehicles to your hotel room.

Easy: Nearly anyone can participate. Most photography is from within several hundred yards of where we park the vehicle. Terrain is typically level and smooth. Walks up or downhill have minimal elevation change.

Moderate: Some photography is from nearby our vehicles, and some can be from five minutes to one hour walking up to a mile or more. Paths or trails can be on uneven ground, and there could be some gain. There could be ice, deep snow or sand, or boggy ground to walk through.

Challenging: Some strenuous hikes of a few to several miles, often with elevation gain of several hundred feet on possibly uneven ground. There can be locations where you are required to stand in water on slippery rocks or other non-flat conditions. Could require acclimation to higher elevations, 10,000 feet and higher.

Difficult: Multiple hikes of three or more miles with elevation gain, possibly at altitude greater than 10,000 feet on steep and possibly slippery trails or paths. You must be in excellent physical condition, and you may be interviewed regarding all of these requirements. We may also require a note from your physician.

What about Travel Medical, Evacuation, and Trip Insurance?

Trip Insurance typically covers you when you have to cancel a trip due to an illness or injury, or sometimes even work-related reasons, or family medical reasons. Coverages can include reimbursement for money paid to airlines, Muench Workshops, and other travel providers. It's your choice to purchase this insurance, or not.

Travel Medical Insurance covers you for medical treatment, hospitalization, doctor's visits and more, in countries where your home-based medical insurance will not cover you. We strongly urge you to obtain this insurance for any workshop that is outside of your home country, because your existing medical insurance will not cover you. You will be surprised at how little it can cost for lots of coverage. This coverage is a requirement for some workshops, and we will note that on the workshop website.

Medical Evacuation Insurance covers your medical evacuation from a remote region of the world to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. Some policies will even medically evacuate you to your home hospital, as well. This type of insurance is an absolute requirement for some of our more remote workshops, and we will specifically state this requirement on the website page, where appropriate.

For all of these types of insurance, we recommend Ripcord, from Redpoint Resolutions.  One reason for this recommendation is that we work with Ripcord in advance of our workshops, so that they have specific plans in place, in the event that a medical evacuation is required.

To learn more about these types of insurances, check out our blog post.

Can I bring along a friend or my spouse on a workshop?

Sure! Though there are some workshops that are better for the non-photographer than others. We'll help you decide, just ask us.

What's included in the workshop?

All of the information you need for any specific Workshop should be on the sign-up page, and you are always welcome to contact us if you have more questions. For most workshops, all transportation, lodging and meals are included. Of course there are some exceptions, and they are noted on the workshop pages. Also, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

All-inclusive really means all! You won’t have to worry about tips for guides, drivers, hotels, camps, servers, or bellhops. We’ve taken care of all of this. All meals are included, everywhere, every day, from the time our workshop starts to the time we say goodbye. All travel during the workshop is included. We don’t crowd you in our vehicles, we’ll always have plenty of room for you and your camera gear and luggage. And when we’re shooting from vehicles, you’ll have unobstructed access out of both sides of the vehicle.

How many guests are on your workshops?

It depends on the workshop. A typical workshop is 8 guests with 2 leaders. A very few are larger (for example, Galápagos, Antarctica, and Svalbard). And some are much smaller (examples are Alaska Wildlife, California Redwoods, Death Valley, Mongolia, and some Africa safaris are only 5, 6 or 7 guests).

What About Lunch?

We have learned over the years that lunch can eat into either valuable photography time or rest time. What this means is that on some days lunch might mean a sandwich on the road, or maybe just a granola bar or energy bar, some fruit, and other snacks. If there are convenient and quick lunch options available we will, of course, take advantage of them. And don't worry, you'll be well-fed on our workshops.

What should I bring to the workshop? How Should I prepare?

Please see our How To Prepare For Your Workshop page for guidelines on camera prep, gear list, and packing tips. Approximately 90 days before your workshop, you will be sent a PDF with more specific instructions.

What are the basics I should know about my camera before the workshop?

Knowing your camera is important - here are the things you should be comfortable with. Don't worry, if you need extra help we'll be there for you!

What are your payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, personal checks, and bank wires. If you need special payment arrangements or want to work out a payment schedule, no problem, just ask us.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We don't claim to have any control over the weather, but we'll do our best to ensure that you have a great time, no matter the conditions. Bad weather often brings great shooting opportunities, and we feel there's always something to shoot! Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What about single rooming?

We offer single rooming on most workshops, for a fee. Just ask us and we’ll let you know the cost. Most workshops are set up for double occupancy. If you’re traveling alone, single rooming is not required, and no worries, we’ll find you a suitable roommate!

To be fair to all guests, if you require use of a CPAP machine, then you must choose single rooming.

Is my personal information secure?

Please review our privacy and cookie policy. We promise never to sell or rent or giveaway your email address or other information we have of yours. We will never, ever spam you - we do send a newsletter, typically monthly, which we hope you'll love but you can always opt out from. We never have access to your credit card information.